The Fall 2015 Edition of the GameJam was held 2015 November 12–14.
The theme is "Survive". We have 29 registered participants on 13 teams.
Congratulations to the winning teams!
  1. CranberryCloners by Jacob Bernard, Jonathan Strycker
  2. Save Them by Dallas Mullet
  3. Never Fear, Teddy is Here by Neil Perry, Ryan O'Malley, Micah Russell, Bethany Russell
Here is a link to the Fall 2015 Edition Poster. The trophy for the winning team is shown below. The registered teams are listed below.

Here is a link to a Taylor Echo article Save and continue by Brecken Mumford

An informational meeting was held Oct 27 (Tues) at 8PM in Euler 218.
The GameJam will begin with a "soft" start at 6pm on Thursday in Euler 217. We will cover the rules of the GameJam, form teams (in case their are participants who have not found a team), register the teams, propose themes, and vote on a GameJam theme. Once the theme has been chosen, all teams can start working on their games except they may not write any code, scripts, or work with the gaming engine. In other words, following the soft start, teams can decide on how their game interacts with the chosen theme, collect or generate art, collect or generate music and sound effects, develop the story line or characters, etc. At 6pm on Friday in Euler 217, we will begin the full-on start, where teams are allowed to work fully on their games. All teams must leave Euler when it is closed (2am–6am) to get some rest. At 12am on Sunday, teams must stop working on their game. They will have a short period of grace to make their final submissions.

more pictures to come...

The winners of the Fall 2015 GameJam will receive a 3D printed trophy designed by Dr. Denning and printed by Shapeways.

The list below shows each team along with its members and the name, summary, and a screenshot of their game.
Game :Dante Snowball
Summary:Dante Snowball loves to travel. Help guide Dante to the other side of the world, but be careful with him!
Playing:Use left and right arrow keys to roll snowball. Press space to jump. Be careful, though!
Installing:requires python 2.7 and pygame
Members:dr. jon denning
Pseudo Right
Game :At All Costs
Summary:You are a solider drafted into a war. Your goal is to survive the conflict at all costs.
Playing:Included with the game!
Installing:Unzip and run the .exe.
Members:David Nurkkala, Johnny Moscati, Amy Lundqist
Game :CranberryCloners
Summary:The government hat trapped you underground with nerve gas! Use your cloning powers to escape with your life!
Beware, getting killed as a clone takes some of your health!
Playing:Arrow keys to move
space to clone/ release clone
s to save( if you have a save crystal left)
r to restart level
and if you just can't do it, press p to get free cheat stuff.
Installing:Download, unzip, install!
Members:Jacob Bernard, Jonathan Strycker
Game :Save Them
Summary:You find yourself in a dark and abandoned part of the woods, with a strange feeling like someone is watching you. You meet some adorable friends who follow your lead. As you go deeper into the forest and the ruins, you meet new friends but realize something is amiss. You know what you must do now:
Go to the deepest part of the ruins.
Find them.
Save them.
Playing:WASD or Arrow Keys to move.
F to call out to your friends.
R to reset the current level.

For anything beyond basic controls, consult the game or the less entertaining README file in the ZIP.
Installing:Game Maker installer in the ZIP file will do all the heavy lifting. Installs on Windows machines.
Members:Dallas Mullet
Its All About The Game
Game :Banana Wheels
Summary:We are excited to present "Banana Wheels" to you! Drive your shiny new Banana on wheels to the finish line, but don't get hit by the scary spike windmills! BE WARNED - some of the spikes are longer than they appear on screen! There are 21 pears throughout the level, so if you're one for a challenge, try to collect all of the pears before you reach the finish line on your first try (to attempt this challenge, restart the game to reset the pears)! And most important of all, have fun on your joyride through the dreamy land of fruity goodness!

1.) W - JUMP
4.) DON’T DIE.
5.) HAVE FUN ;)

(It is possible to beat the game, so don't give up!)
Installing:Unzip and Play! Mac-Platform Only
Members:Seth Lugibihl, Chris Gearhart, John Luscombe
It's Good Enough
Game :Grapefruit
Summary:A Mario parody horror game that challenges the mind and makes you really think about life and stuff.

-ART(that's not blatantly Mario), MUSIC and STORY is original (MADE BY US!)
PS. Not complete. :(
PSS. Please hit the button before entering the hidden passage!!! or it will break!
Playing:WASD - Controls
F - Interact (with doors or button(s))
Installing:Download the folder, and unzip, then install and enjoy!
Members:Jonathan Ruggiero, Timothy Ours, Micah Stewart, Brad Harris, Cody Thein, Josh Clement
He-man and the celibate unicorns
Game :Never Fear, Teddy is Here
Summary:Sir Teddy IV must survive the night and protect his master from the monsters that in the dark world of Underthebed and defeat the Lord of Nightmares Piggly.
Playing:It's simple, wasd is up, down, left, and right. The orbs floating around teddy do damage to monsters. The different types of monsters have different health and speed
Installing:Click the link and find the unity-type executable.
Members:Neil Perry, Ryan O'Malley, Micah Russell, Bethany Russell
The Casuals
Game :On This Rock I Stand
Summary:A play off the classic breakout games. Select a verse and try to complete it in order protect your break balls.

All art created by hand. Sounds courtesy of Royalty Free Providers.
Ben and Abigail Roller -- Brother Sister Coding/Art team.
Playing:Controls: Left, Right, Space
Exit with Backspace/Esc

Don't let the ball touch the ground!
Collect falling letters to complete the verse and boost your score!
Falling letters may provide power ups!
See how long you can survive!
Installing:Unzip the EXE. Double click and enjoy!
Members:Benjamin Roller, Abigail Roller
Game :WeekInTheLife
Summary:You have just moved out of your parents house and you need to survive a week on your own.
Playing:(not set)
Installing:(not set)
Members:Josh Rauh, Tim Parr
Death Watch
Game :Republic Commando 3
Summary:In this fan-made 3rd installment to the Republic commando series, the action takes place in-line with the original Republic Commando. After Delta Squad is extracted from their mission at the droid factory, their gunship is shot down. While the others take up a defensive position around the wreckage, RC-1138 (Boss) continues the journey to the base on foot, to hopefully bring aid the the rest of his squad. (Read the readme file for the full opening crawl).

Fun Facts
- This game was made in pure Java, from complete scratch (no gamemaker, etc; all classes are original)
- Everything in the game was developed by a single person (Tom) [the story was created by the whole team]

Known bugs/issues
- The longer you wait in the Main Menu, the more enemies will initially spawn
- The Options Menu was not able to be completed in time, so it was left out
Playing:-Use arrow keys to move left/right
-Use spacebar to shoot

-Run as far as you can without hitting the obstacles (droids and rocks)
-Shoot battle droids for extra points
Installing:-Unzip the files
-If using Eclipse IDE:
-open the project or import the package to Eclipse
-If not using Eclipse IDE:
-do whatever it is that program requires to import Java classes
-Once imported, just click run and the game should work
Members:Tom Metzger, Darryl Knox, Robert Chesbro
Game :Planet of the N00bs
Summary:You are a pill who can't stop moving or you disappear. That's all.
Playing:use WASD or the arrow keys to move. If you stop moving you die.
Installing:make sure your _data folder is in the same folder as the application file.
Members:Judah Doupe
Team Agenda
Game :(not set)
Summary:(not set)
Members:Justin Powell
The Luke Josten
Game :(not set)
Summary:(not set)
Members:Alec Ellsworth
Team Hunter
Game :(not set)
Summary:(not set)
Members:Hunter Brennan
The Good Samaritans
Game :(not set)
Summary:(not set)
Members:Taylor Dunlop, Luke Josten