The Spring 2017 Edition of the GameJam was scheduled for 2017 April 20–22.

The theme was "All about the lighting". We had about 23 participants on 10 teams.

Congratulations to the winning teams!

  1. Refraction by Thaddeus McClatchey (Fredwardly)
  2. Point Isabel by David Nurkkala and Caroline Nurkkala (Finn-blings)
  3. A Little Light by Josh Teigland (OneManBand)

Similar to F2016, each team can have at most 2 programmers but any number of other members (designer of graphics, music, sound, storyboard, character, level, etc.). All Taylor students are invited, not just CSE students or programmers. Freshmen are encouraged to participate. Bringing friends is also welcomed. The competition has a $10/participant fee to help in covering cost of trophies, snacks, and drinks. An informational meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, April 11 at 6:00pm in Euler 218. Meal transfers for Friday and/or Saturday evenings are available until noon on Tuesday, April 18. After the noon Apr 18 deadline, meal transfers will not be available. A sign-up sheet is available in the CSE Department. Or, sign up electronically by sending an email to Lara Horsley (email) with your Taylor ID. If you email before April 18, specify which days your want meals transferred (Neither, Friday, Saturday, Both). Each participant must send an email from their own Taylor email account. In other words, you may not sign up other people. Note: Ludum Dare 38 is happening at roughly the same time (April 21–24). See link for more details. You are encouraged to participate in both if you choose. The theme for LDJam 38 is at this link.


The list below shows each team along with its members and the name, summary, and a screenshot of their game.
Game :Point Isabel
Summary:Play it
Playing:Not much
Installing:Unzip, run exe
Members:David Nurkkala, Caroline Nurkkala
Game :Refraction
Summary:Light and darkness. Refraction pits your mind and spirit against the ever encroaching darkness--you are a beam of light, striving to survive in the dark. Traverse worlds, and explore the marvels of optics!
Playing:Keys are: R resets character, click to move. If your character is glowing, then you have a special ability which can be used only ONCE per life. Use it wisely.
Installing:Install Roblox and play game
Members:Thaddeus McClatchey
Game :A Little Light
Summary:You are a lost boy in an ominous cave. You'll have to survive the terrors of darkness while you cling to what little light you have. Always remember, light is your only hope.
Playing:Compatible with Xbox One Controller
Move: Left stick
Jump: A button
Light Torches/Match: B button
Pick Up Items: X button
Aim Toss: Right stick
Throw: Right Trigger/Y button
Installing:Open the .zip file and run the .exe file
Members:Josh Teigland
Game :SportsBall
Summary:play pong until you make the other paddle angry...

would be music is created by Nick Chiodras
Playing:only uses up and down arrow keys... but w and s work too if you're stuck up

the switches at the end are bugged and don't do what they're supposed to
Installing:Download .zip, unzip, and click on .exe
Members:Neil Perry, Nick Chiodras
Psuedo Code
Game :Shadowfall
Summary:Campus has fallen to the ghosts. BROHO turned themselves to ghosts to make Wengatz appreciation day unforgettable, from their the conversion spread. Swallow has now falled and it is your goal to get to the last remaining floor on campus, FOSO.
Playing:Tom Metzger and Ryan Houck Handled the coding. Scotti Bozarth did music, level design, and story. Hannes WIdrig did art, level design, and story. Johnny Mascotti did art.

How to Play:
• WASD / ARROW KEYS to move
• SPACE / LEFT CLICK to turn on / off the lights

• The goal is to make it to the door at the end of the maze. However, ghosts block your path! You can't see them if the lights are on, but if the lights are off, you cannot see your path
Installing:Mac: simply run the .app file

Windows: extract the .exe and the _Data folder into the same directory and run the .exe
Members:Daniel Scott Bozarth, Tom Metzger, Ryan Houck, Hannes Widrig, Johnny Mascotti, Robert Chesbro
Game :Bioluminescence
Summary:Once upon a time, Luci lived happily in the world of Brightstone Cave, a mystical world of magic and light. However, the caverns have grown dim--the fireflies that lit these caves have been stolen by the darkness!
It's up to the last wielder of the light to save this world, cleanse the darkness, and restore the light!
Rescue the fireflies, take refuge underneath white lilies to restore your light power, and defeat all enemies you encounter. Good luck, and may the light be with you!
Move/jump: Arrow keys
Fire light: Spacebar

Stand under white flowers to recharge.
Press "R" to retry levels.
Shoot switches on the walls to open gates of that color.
Go to the exit to beat the level.
Defeat the boss in a boss level to create the exit.
Installing:Extract the file, and run the application (.exe).
Members:Jacob Bernard, Jonathon Strycker, Gabe Helmuth, Josh Rauh
modus thompsonus
Game :A Dimming Matter
Summary:It's all about the lighting in this dungeon crawler. Fight through the waves and don't lose your light!
Playing:Custom Built Java Engine.
All graphics, sounds, and code created from scratch, with few exceptions.
Installing:run ADMv0.jar
Members:Edric Yu, Alec Ellsworth, Micah Stewart
Game :Nighty Knife Ninja
Summary:A ninja-flavored mixture of Minesweeper, turn based strategy combat, and Othello, all wrapped in an ASKII package.

Gist of the game: You are a ninja of light. You fight a ninja of darkness who keeps hiding in the shadows.

Objective: Illuminate different patches of the room to help you find the enemy ninja--then catch up to him and stab him. But don't let get the jump on you. If he stabs you or if you move into (rather than attack) his space, then you die!
Playing:==Game Instructions==

'Welcome to Nighty Knife Ninja: The game of ninja stealth and stabbing!
-You are the Ninja 1 of Light. You enemy is the Ninja 2 of Darkness.
-Your goal is to find the enemy ninja and stab him. He will try to stab you first.
-Your foe hides in the darkness (~~~) while you hide in the light (***).
-On your turn, you will:
1. Use your grandiose Illumination Reversal Spell to reverse the lighting all AROUND a floor tile.
2. Move one space. You must move each turn. Lazy ninja are a disgrace to the Venerable and Great Order of Ninja.
3. Stab a nearby space with your ninja stabber! Blind stabbing is acceptable, but you must move before stabbing.

-Lastly, do not move onto the other ninja. If you do, his lightning reflexes will kill you instantly.


*** : Light space
~~~ : Dark space
*1* : Ninja 1 (the player) in the light
~1~ : Ninja 1 in the darkness
*2* : Ninja 2 (the player) in the light--you won't see Ninja 2 if he's in the dark
!1! : Ninja 1 is victorious
!2! : Ninja 2 is victorious
x1x : Ninja 1 is dead
x2x : Ninja 2 is dead

==Notes on Controls and Other Things==

-The game is played with the dialog boxes and outputted to the player via the Transcript.
-If you step on the enemy ninja, you will lose and your body will vanish from the game board as he viciously wipes you from existence with his lightning reflexes.
-If the enemy ninja steps on you, you viciously wipe him from existence, removing his body entirely from the game board.

--Expected Input--
-All input is case-sensitive.
-Cast Illumination Reversal Spell: '1 1', '1 2', '7 2'--etc. Put the row before the column. The grid is labeled to guide you.
-Movement: 'up', 'down', 'left', or 'right'--without the quotes.
-Attack: 'up', 'down', 'left', or 'right'--without the quotes.

-Download and unzip the latest version of Pharo from
-Open Pharo.
-Drag-and-drop the file into Pharo window.
-Choose FileIn entire file.
-Open a Playground in Pharo.
-Copy/Paste the following code into the Playground:


Transcript open; clear.
myGame := GameState new.
myGame initialize .
myGame initGame .
myGame gameLoop .

-Hit the play button button on the playground.
-Note: The game will be played with dialog boxes and a window called the "Transcript." You may have to resize the Transcript for a more enjoyable experience.

--Extra Notes--
-The above playground code is also found in the enclosed file.
-For now, ignore the .image and .changes files. If the above steps do not run the program, contact Dr. J. Denning for troubleshooting and use the .image and .changes files.
Members:Sean Phillip Mitchem
Filthy Casuals
Game :PAR (Parabolic Aluminized Reflector Light)
Summary:To escape the darkness: press Escape
Click-Drag-Pew. Get to the exit and take whatever you can with you!
Playing:Entire game made in Gamemaker Studio. 2 sprites total, one for the walls and one for the exit. Everything else is particles!!!!
Installing:Double click the EXE
Members:Benjamin Roller
Game :(not set)
Summary:(not set)
Members:Dr. Jon Denning
Game :(not set)
Summary:(not set)
Members:Christian Jones, Kelli Weaver