The Fall 2017 Edition of the GameJam was scheduled for 2017 Oct 19–21.

The theme was "Infection". We had about 16 participants on 7 teams.

A special thanks goes to Charles Thomas and A Simple Reminder for being a sponsor and judge for this GameJam!

The judges were: Charles Thomas, Kyle Shelton, William Slauson, Olivia Lauritzen, and Noah Lindsey. Thank you!

Congratulations to the winning teams!

  1. Infectious Positivity by Judah Doupe, Alec Ellsworth, Micah Stewart (Team Taken)
  2. Inf. E. C. T.: Ion by David Nurkkala (Star-born World Breaker...)
  3. Chinchilla Hospital by Scotti Bozarth, Johnny A. Moscati III, Joshua Rauh (PseudoCode)


The list below shows each team along with its members and the name, summary, and a screenshot of their game.
Try Hard
Game :Colular
Summary:Colular is a mix of "Color" and "Circular"
Play this game with friends!
Visit to play!
Spectator Mode Included!
On judging night, connect to
Playing:Everything was made from scratch. The only external library used is the node package ws (

Using html canvas for graphics and JavaScript for client and server logic.
Custom Particle engine included!

Instructions and Credits on Website (
Installing:(not set)
Members:Edric Yu, Ryan Jones
Star-born World Breaker, Flagship Ironclad Battlecruiser of the 17th Imperial Armada, bringer of destruction, justice, and valor to the enemies of the great and venerated Imperator, long may his rule of peace and prosperity continue
Game :Inf. E. C. T.: Ion
Summary:It's a transport whose main power source is the infinite electron coil. Its name is "Ion." Therefore, the name of the game is: infinite electron coil transport: "Ion." But as an acronym.

WASDQE for orientation
IJKLUO for thrust
Space for shoot

Get near to a friendly space station to repair and buy upgrades.
Use your radar to find objectives.

To win, destroy your nemesis. There is no win screen. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Playing:I made all the models from scratch. The textures were ripped, but I UV mapped everything myself. The music was from incompetech, and the sounds from freesound. First time ever using the Godot engine.
Members:David Nurkkala
Game :Chinchilla Hospital
Summary:A delightful little ASCII Art game where you try to save as many chinchilla's as possible from the deadly chinchilla plauge.
Scotti Bozarth did the coding in C, yes C, although it was switched to a C++ file because of compile difficulties.
Josh Rauh did the lovely 8 bit music.
Johnny Mascotti did the excellent graphics.
Playing:If you click inside the terminal it will break the game. I don't know how to fix this. If you need to focus on it click on the edge of the window.

Please play the game to completion. It is short and that is the safest way...
Installing:Will only work on windows. Only tested on windows 10.
Navigate to your downloads and run ChinchillaHospital.exe
Members:Scotti Bozarth, Johnny A. Moscati III, Joshua Rauh
The Vindicators
Game :Gaia
Summary:Gaia is infected with a case of the Reds. Collect the blue dots to rid her of the infection. If Gaia becomes 100% infected, you lose!
Playing:Written with Mocha2D - a SpriteKit-like Java game library written by Tom Metzger (i.e. everything was written from scratch by Tom)

Use the Arrow Keys to move.

Press P to pause
Click on the Menu icon to pause

Press Q to quit (when appropriate)

Press R to return to the Main Menu (when appropriate)
Installing:Simply download the executable and run it!
Members:Tom Metzger, Zack Harlin
Team Taken
Game :Infectious Positivity
Summary:Positive thinking can really help life go along smoother! Once you start, it's not always easy to spread it through your brain. Play this text-based 3-d puzzle to help our brain think positively!
Playing:(not set)
Installing:make sure the data folder and the .exe are in the same directory
Members:Judah Doupe, Alec Ellsworth, Micah Stuart
Game :FizzBuzz
Summary:In the lost, dystopian world of advanced robotics, the distant future of earth has become infected. A malignant virus, known as Spectre, has wormed its way into the grid, bending most of robotkind to its programming. In humanity's desperation a lone robot was created to stop this electronic epidemic. You control Fizz, the first hyperprocessing core unit (HPCU) the world has seen: a culmination of cutting edge response sensors combined with a self-sustaining power source. Will this new feat of technology bring down the rebellion of robots? Only the code can find out.
Playing:To play, queue up instructions by clicking on them, and then clicking where you want them to go on the board. When four are queued, press the go button to execute. Credit for sounds goes to purple planet music.

Installing:run .exe
Members:Jacob Bernard, Jonathon Stryker, Gabe Helmuth, Josh James
Game :(not set)
Summary:(not set)
Members:Dr. Jon Denning
Game :(not set)
Summary:(not set)
Members:Stephen Boxerman