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The Fall 2019 Edition of the GameJam is scheduled for 2019 Oct 31–Nov 2. The competition will start with a soft start on Thursday at 6PM and a hard start on Friday at 6PM and end 10PM Saturday evening.

For this event, Caitlin Gaff and Imani Muya are the officers.

Sign up using this form: link.

Similar to S2019, each team can have at most 2 programmers but any number of other members (designer of graphics, music, sound, storyboard, character, level, etc.). All Taylor students are invited, from any major, not just CSE students or programmers. Freshmen are encouraged to participate. Bringing friends is also welcomed. The competition has a $10/participant fee to help cover cost of trophies, snacks, and drinks.

To be added soon...

The list below shows each team along with its members and the name, summary, and a screenshot of their game.