The Fall 2016 Edition of the GameJam is currently ongoing (2016 October 6–8).

The theme is "I made a mistake...". We had about 40 participants on 12 teams.

Congratulations to the winning teams!

  1. What on Earth? by Josh Teigland, Austin Goggans, A.J. Pegues, Ian Proano, Alex Moore
  2. Line Bounce by Edric Yu, Aaron Walter, Micah Stewart, Caitlin Gaff, Lauren Thomas
  3. The Custom Rendering Engine Was A Mistake But It Worked, And That's Pretty Sick by Nathaniel Katzenberger, Eric Krauss

Similar to S2016, each team can have at most 2 programmers but any number of other members (designer of graphics, music, sound, storyboard, character, level, etc.). All Taylor students are invited, not just CSE students or programmers. Freshmen are encouraged to participate. Bringing friends is also welcomed. The competition has a $10/participant fee to help in covering cost of trophies, snacks, and drinks. An informational meeting was scheduled for Tuesday, September 20 at 6:00pm in Euler 218. Meal transfers for Friday and/or Saturday evenings are available until noon on Thursday, September 22. After the noon Sep 22 deadline, meal transfers will not be available. A sign-up sheet is available in the CSE Department. Or, sign up electronically by sending an email to Lara Horsley (email) with your Taylor ID. If you email before September 22, specify which days your want meals transferred (Neither, Friday, Saturday, Both). Each participant must send an email from their own Taylor email account. In other words, you may not sign up other people.

Here is a link to the Fall 2016 Edition Poster.

Here is a link to a Taylor Echo article Creative Coding by Laura Koenig.


More photos coming soon!

The list below shows each team along with its members and the name, summary, and a screenshot of their game.
Game :Lion Man
Summary:A little girl has to fight a stone giant, aim for the eyes with her sword and good luck!
Playing:left/right - a/d
jump - w
dash - space
attack - LMB
throw sword - RMB
Installing:Download and Unzip. Run Unity Application.
Members:Neil Perry, Cole Calamos, Jenna VanWeelden, Conner Reagen, Micah Mileski, Jamie Bell
Death Watch
Game :Rick & Morty - The REAL Game [DEMO]
Summary:A demo for a better Rick and Morty adventure/puzzle game. If you don't get the coordinates ("make a mistake"), you die.

Play as Morty, armed only with Rick's laser gun and portal gun, as he traverses the galaxy following the clues to get back to Earth and find out what happened to Rick.
Playing:Original Music
Original Storyline
Original Voice Acting
Almost Entirely Original Graphics & Art
Installing:Run the .exe or .app after unzipping the file. Don't worry about the screen size, as it auto adjusts itself. Preferably run it was "windowed" and not fullscreen.
Members:Tom Metzger, Robert Chesbro, Seth Morgan, Ian Helfert
The Johnster Monster
Game :BankHackerz
Summary:It's very rare that you find a recursive game in the wild - a program where the player programs to play! Follow Cret and Tad, bank robbers, and help them hack into SuperSecure(TM) Super Bank...where "our data is 100% impossible to hack". Careful, you only get three failed hack attempts before Cret and Tad get arrested. Play all five levels to win!
Playing:BankHackerz.exe - The place where you put in your exploited passwords, and follow Cret and Tad's story. - Use this file to exploit SuperSecure(TM) Super Bank's passwords!
raw_strings - You will need these encrypted strings to obtain the passwords.
Installing:No installation required.
Members:John Luscombe
Game :Tower Power
Summary:Defend the base against hordes of various enemies!
Playing:"WASD" or arrows to move

Hold down left mouse to shoot

"1-4" to build towers (if you have enough gold)

"R" restarts
"ESC" returns to main menu
"ENTER" skips the level if you get stuck

All the images and sound were made in the past 30 hours by our team
Installing:unzip the executable and run it to get an executable. Run THAT to play the game.
Members:Jacob Bernard, Jonathan Strycker, Josh Rauh, Gabe Helmuth
Game :Secret 5
Summary:Take control of the secret 5 and battle your friends in this multiplayer battle arena!
Xbox Controllers Required. Multiplayer Only.

Use your right and left bumpers to rotate and hold/tap both of them together to move forward.
Press A to active your character's special ability.
Playing:Use your right and left bumpers to rotate and hold/tap both of them together to move forward.
Press A to active your character's special ability.

Start to play. Select to exit. A to proceed/activate character selection.

Art: Spencer Roller
Music: Abigail Roller
Coding: Benjamin Roller
Installing:Extract and Execute!
Members:Benjamin Roller, Abigail Roller, Spencer Roller
Game :The Custom Rendering Engine Was A Mistake But It Worked, And That's Pretty Sick
Summary:Explore the maze and shoot each of the targets inside as fast as you can.
Playing:The rendering engine was created from scratch by Nathaniel Katzenberger. Additional Information in the README.

Standing High-Score is 49.2 seconds.
Installing:Run the HTML in Chrome to play. Must run in Chrome. Don't even bother trying other browsers.
Having an NVidia graphics card helps, but is not strictly necessary.
Game has not been tested on AMD cards.
Members:Nathaniel Katzenberger, Eric Krauss
Game :What on Earth?
Summary:When the cherub in charge of protecting earth’s physics machines makes the mistake of cussing on the job, he shatters a heavenly device with his filthy language and puts the world in catastrophic danger. He, and a hippie he enlists, must use the very mistake that is threatening the world in order to save it.
Playing:Make sure to kill yourself every time you collect a crystal in order to deliver it to heaven and get caught by the cherub. Is intended, but not necessary, that you play with two people.
Installing:Unpack .zip file and run the .exe. Make sure to run in 1980x1080 or any 16:9 format
Members:Josh Teigland, Austin Goggans, A.J. Pegues, Ian Proano, Alex Moore
Gin and (Ju)dah
Game :maRsPG
Summary:Choose a faction and fight for the future of the human race.
Playing:The victory screen just pops up and is closed with left click, so you have to manually close and re-open the game when you die or beat the game.

The screenshots show you the bosses of each faction. You must walk around the map to find each faction.
Installing:Unzip the .zip file, then run the .exe file. Please note that the maRsPG_info directory must be in the same directory as the .exe file in order to run the game.
Members:Andrew Gin, Judah Doupe
Les is More
Game :I Made A Mistake, The Novel, The Game, My Life
Summary:Text Adventure Come To Life. Brilliant Two Dimensional Graphics. Are You Tired Of Your Text Adventure Games Being Only Text. Join The Next Generation. Follow The Protagonist, Known To His Friends As Lary, As He Attempts To Write A Novel Before The Deadline.
Playing:Special Thanks to Josh for music
Installing:I Made A Mistake, The Novel, The Game, My Life 1.4.exe to run.
Then Pray...
Members:Scotti Bozarth, Johnny A. Moscati III, Olivia Lauritzen, Sean Mitchem, Marshall Oppel
Game :Line Bounce
Summary:The servers have been compromised! The collision system is acting weird...
Draw lines with your clicks to guide the ball to the goal. Keep count of your mistakes, and the mistakes of the system.

Have fun trying to reach the end!
Playing:ALL CODE from Edric and Aaron (with some functions from the Internet)
Completely custom engine written in java
ALL MUSIC from Micah
Levels and graphics designed by Lauren and Caitlin
Levels read in from map.png
Team consists of 2 freshmen, 2 sophomores, and a senior in high school!

If you get stuck there may be a system vulnerability that might skip levels. Just press two keys at the same time. The first is the letter of the alphabet that corresponds to the third Fermat Prime. The second is the numeral that is the 21st digit of pi. There's probably one that goes backwards too...
Installing:Extract zip file
run LineBounce.jar
source code at
Members:Edric Yu, Aaron Walter, Micah Stewart, Caitlin Gaff, Lauren Thomas
Game :(not set)
Summary:(not set)
Members:Dr. Jon Denning
Game :(not set)
Summary:(not set)
Members:Tim Parr
Not Dead Yet
Game :Forgotten Formulas
Summary:Oh No! You're late for your alchemy finals and forgot to study. You'll need to combine reagents to create the formula that your Instructor calls out. Be Careful, an incorrect formula could have dangerous consequences...
Members:Mark Della-Croce, Carl Sommer, Shawn Denny, Justin Hughes, T.R. Knight