The Fall 2018 Edition of the GameJam was scheduled for 2018 Nov 1–3. The competition started with a soft start on Thursday at 6PM and a hard start on Friday at 6PM and end 10PM Saturday evening.

The theme was "fight, not flight". We had about 28 participants on 9 teams.

Congratulations to the winning teams!

  1. Flying Cats and Dogs by Edric Yu, Luke Brom, Ryan Jones, Noah Lindsey, Josh Rauh, and Chris Arpin (4&6 Labs)
  2. Leroy & Lazlo by Jacob Bernard, Imani Muya, Brendan Wallace (pico-gr8)
  3. Polly Wanna Crack Some Skulls by David Nurkkala, Caroline Nurkkala, Connor Maine (jump in the caac)

Superlative Awards go to:

  • Best Writing Award: Polly Wanna Crack Some Skulls by David Nurkkala, Caroline Nurkkala, Connor Maine (jump in the caac)
  • Best Audio Award: Flying Cats and Dogs by Edric Yu, Luke Brom, Ryan Jones, Noah Lindsey, Josh Rauh, and Chris Arpin (4&6 Labs)
  • Best Art Award: Polly Wanna Crack Some Skulls by David Nurkkala, Caroline Nurkkala, Connor Maine (jump in the caac)
  • Most Original: Standoff by Daniel Scott Bozarth, Johnny Moscatti, Josh Rauh (PseudoCode)
  • Got Gud Award: Labyrinthine Cure by Joseph van der Harst (Joseph the Broseph)
Note: the Got Gud award goes to the best team with 2 or fewer GameJams

Similar to S2018, each team can have at most 2 programmers but any number of other members (designer of graphics, music, sound, storyboard, character, level, etc.). All Taylor students are invited, from any major, not just CSE students or programmers. Freshmen are encouraged to participate. Bringing friends is also welcomed. The competition has a $10/participant fee to help in covering cost of trophies, snacks, and drinks. New this year: Superlative Awards (best writing, audio, art, etc.) will be awarded.


The list below shows each team along with its members and the name, summary, and a screenshot of their game.
Game :School Bully
Summary:Fight your way through the school bullies.
Playing:All assets and code created from scratch!
Installing:Open in PICO-8.
Members:Dr. Denning, Linus Denning, Cora Denning, Samuel Denning
jump in the caac
Game :Polly Wanna Crack Some Skulls
Summary:A pet store where there's more than meets the eye is under assault by an evil order. Join our hero Polly as she beats her way through the forces of evil to free her people.
Playing:I don't have time for this
Installing:Unzip and run the binary.
Members:David Nurkkala, Caroline Nurkkala, Connor Maine
4&6 Labs
Game :Flying Cats and Dogs
Summary:Don't be sent flying and fight the other animals off. Bombs are how you enhance your movement, and how you try to knock your opponents away, but you'll be weighed down if you carry too many. See how long you can survive!
Playing:Completely custom tile, platforming, graphics, and physics engine written in JavaScript.
Completely custom artwork, music, and sound effects.
Software used:
VSCode, Atom,, Photoshop, git, Discord, Trello, slack, Google Chrome... that's it.
Installing:Before running the server, `npm install ws`
Server can be run using `node server.js`
The index.html and game.html should be served over http, if over https, you'll need to allow unsafe scripts (easiest on Chrome)
Members:Edric Yu, Luke Brom, Ryan Jones, Noah Lindsey, Josh Rauh, Chris Arpin
Game :Painguin
Summary:Z to slide!
X to Jump!

Fight your way out of this flighty nightmare!
Playing:Z to slide!
X to Jump!

Hit the boss in the nose!
Installing:(not set)
Members:Ben Roller, Tim Ours, Spencer Roller, Abigail Roller
Game :Standoff
Summary:Green George has been chasing after the treasure for a long time.
Pink Phil is seeking vengeance for his brother's death.
Orange Oscar could use the treasure to save the orphanage.
For Silver Sam it is just another Tuesday.
Needless to say, only one man will walk out of here alive.

Playing:- Rundown
You start the game with your gun empty facing off against three other players/ai.
This game only supports controllers. First controller plugged in is Green George, second is Pink Phil, third is Orange Oscar, fourth is Silver Sam. If there are less than four controllers an AI will take over the empty spots.

- Controls
Left Trigger: Dodge
Right Trigger: Reload
A: Shoot Green George
B: Shoot Pink Phil
Y: Shoot Orange Oscar
X: Shoot Silver Sam

- Credits
Code and Sound done by Daniel Scott Bozarth
Art done by Johnny Mascotti
Music done by Josh Rauh
This game was made using the gadot engine
Installing:Unzip the file and run standoff.exe
Members:Daniel Scott Bozarth, Johnny Mascotti, Josh Rauh
Joseph the Broseph
Game :Labyrinthine Cure
Summary:Play as a dude who can do some real hardcore parkour and reach the end of each of the 5 levels before time becomes your undoing.
Playing:-Left, right, and up arrows for movement; the game will teach you the rest
-I created the art from scratch, most of the sound effects from scratch, the rest I edited from free-to-use sources
-I took the background music from H3Music, a copyright-free composer ("I tried" - H3Music), and edited it to fit the game as well as possible
-I was alone to make this game
-Construct 2 (game engine), GIMP (art), Audacity (audio editing)
Installing:Go to the link, and it should work fine.
Members:Joseph van der Harst
Spooky Bois
Game :Vampire Jungle
Summary:You are a man sent from the future to eliminate the ancestor to all vampires. All you have are your trusty hammer and your wits. Many beasts seek your demise, will you claim victory over them, or will you become another victim of the Vampire Jungle.
Playing:(not set)
Installing:(not set)
Members:Ryan Costello, Alexander McFarland, Josh Bontrager, Jacob Hoekert
Pixel Train
Game :(not set)
Summary:(not set)
Playing:(not set)
Installing:(not set)
Members:Ethan Leeper
Game :Leroy & Lazlo
Summary:Help Leroy find his wings
Playing:arrow keys to move
and, once you find your friend and bow,
x to fly and c to shoot
Installing:open zip file and run .png in pico-8
Members:Jacob Bernard, Imani Muya, Brendan Wallace