The Spring 2015 Edition of the GameJam started 2015 April 17–18 at 6pm Friday night and ended Saturday's midnight (30 hours). The designated areas of participation are Euler 217/218. The entry fee was $10. We had two game consultants: T.R. Knight and Dr. Derek Thompson. There were 20 participants on 17 teams. Here is a link to the Spring 2015 Edition Poster.
The theme was "escape".
This particular GameJam was sponsored by: Dr. Nurkkala, Dr. Denning, and the CSE Department.
Submissions are below.
Congratulations to the three (tied) first place teams!
  • Judah Doupe
  • Dallas Mullet
  • David Nurkkala

Below are some pictures captured throughout the night.

The following three games tied for first place!
Team: Team how many is too many
Members: Judah Doupe
Game: JelloFello
Summary: Mint condition iPhone 6, 32 GB, Verizon, not unlocked. Comes with OtterBox.
Instructions: details
Link: zip

Team: Dallas
Members: Dallas Mullet
Game: Escape the Forest
Summary: You find yourself stranded in a dark forest filled with ravenous beasts. You must find a way to escape.
Instructions: details
Link: zip

Team: Sweeous
Members: David Nurkkala
Game: Escape
Summary: You're an amnesiac stuck in a space prison. Find a way to escape!
Instructions: details
Link: url

Team: Team Justin
Game: Hidden Agenda 3
Members: Justin Powell
Summary: Escape the island by killing the monster in the forest
Instructions: details
Link: zip

Team: Luke Josten
Members: Luke Josten
Game: Snowden's Escape
Summary: You are Obama! Snowden has a bunch of secrets he's ready to give to the American public and you need to keep him from escaping to the giant room full of chairs!
Instructions: details
Link: zip (LARGE)

Team: Senzor
Members: Stephen Enzor
Game: Action Ball 5 - Escape the Maze
Summary: You are a ball in a higher plane. Navigate to escape the maze before you. Be efficient and earn points while surviving to reach the exit.
Instructions: details
Link: rar (VERY LARGE)

Team: Athena's Blessing
Members: Jacob Bernard
Game: AIscape
Summary: A simple RTS where you must fend off aliens long enough to collect energy for your RocketShip. Create self controlling robots with different material to help you escape from a planet being swarmed with enemies.
Instructions: details
Link: url (do not open in Chrome)

Team: Hunter
Members: Hunter Brennan
Game: Fortress Escape
Summary: You are in a fortress and you must escape! A simple puzzle game built in the Blender Game Engine.
Instructions: details
Link: zip

Team: The Casuals
Members: Ben Roller, Jordan Freitag, Anthony Pegues
Game: Untitled
Summary: Make your way through 4 challenging levels with the ability to change between 3 shapes with unique abilities. Memes includedm not recommended for the faint of heart.
Instructions: details
Link: zip

Team: Please steal this game
Members: Jonathan Strycker
Game: 2OOM
Summary: 2OOM, pronounced Tomb, is a platformer that is as buggy as it is hard! escape the maze inside of your own mind.
Instructions: details
Link: zip

Team: Zetta Hecto
Members: Johnny A. Moscati III
Game: Don't Look Quack
Summary: Navigate the maze to escape. Occasionally you might have to backtrack, in which case you may find yourself somewhere new and unfamiliar.
Instructions: details
Link: zip

Team: gfxcoder
Members: Dr. Jon Denning
Game: Escape from the Castle
Summary: When you finally get the torch lit, you notice that you're in a castle. Somehow you must find the way out.
Instructions: details
Link: zip
Updated version: Escape with the blue wisp, but avoid the green ones! While still far from a good game, this version is much more a game than a gaming engine. Also, I fixed a ton of bugs. zip